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Several years ago I began to think about the relevance and efficacy of off-season race training. Specifically, does an isolated week of race training in July or August contribute as supplemental race training, or is it just a great way to spend a week of summer absent the heat and mosquitos - maybe both? I asked a lot of questions about consistency and intensity in training, and how the two blend to create improvement in an athlete. I asked NFL players, golf pros, professional cyclists, tennis coaches, fitness trainers, and a few legendary ski racing coaches, and arrived at an answer that I suppose instinctively I already knew. Consistency matters more than intense isolated efforts, or in our case International flights and big mountains ski trips. Ski trips that excite the imagination with audacious training goals and hard work serve a valuable purpose if they’re used within the framework of a dedicated program and a set of well-defined, structured goals. The adventure of a big mountain trip fuels desire and ignites the imagination, and that’s a huge win, but nothing can replace dedicated deliberate practice. Thats what Matchless is all about.

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